Zania is the daughter of the Duke of Hatred.

Vital statistics
Position Servant of the Dukes (formerly)
Age 25
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown



Zania is the daughter of Sonellion the Duke of Hatred and an unnamed woman. She lived with her father in Damascus, Syria.  She had originally lived in Saudi Arabia but left when her identity was leaked as a girl in an illegal sensual photo shoot. Zania was an alcoholic and was barely trying to control it. She was caught drinking in a bar in Damascus and was beaten and arrested for drunkenness in Saudi Arabia which led to them linking her to the photographs. Her father was able to get her out but he had no love for her and was going to get rid of her.

Sweet PerilEdit

Anna and Kopano travel to Damascus to find Zania and convince her to become an ally of theirs. When they went to Zania's house, she attacks Anna but Kopano is able to get Zania to let go of Anna. Zania agrees to talk with Anna but not Kopano.

Sweet ReckoningEdit


When Anna meets Zania, Zania is at first very hostile and untrusting. She seems to have an issue with men as she does not believe there are good men and doesn't want Kopano near her.

Physical DescriptionEdit