Seven Deadly Sins

The Dukes of Sin are Lucifer's Generals, whose duty is to bring chaos to earth.


The dukes were originally angels, but they sided with Lucifer and got banished from Heaven.  By having sex with mortal women, they create the Nephilim, whose job is to be used as slave labor for their father's work.

The Dukes:Edit

Known dukes of sin are:

  • Alocer the duke of wrath.
  • Astaroth the duke of adultry.
  • Belial the duke of substance abuse.
  • Jezebet the duke of lies.
  • Kobal the duke of gluttony and sloth.
  • Mammon the duke of greed.
  • Melchom the duke of envy.
  • Pharzuph the duke of lust.
  • Rahab the duke of pride.
  • Shax the duke theft.
  • Sonellion the duke of hatred.
  • Thamuz the duke of murder.