Patti was the adoptive mother of Anna and a supporting character in the Sweet series.


Early LifeEdit

Patti was once married to an unnamed man. For three years, Patti tried to conceive but was unsuccessful. One night, an angel came to Patti and told her that there was a baby for her in Los Angeles. Patti went to Los Angeles and met Sister Ruth. Sister Ruth told Patti that she had been waiting for her and that she was the correct person to raise Anna. Sister Ruth told Patti about Anna's parents and warned her about what Anna could do. After that, Patti went home but by the time she came back her husband was gone.

Sweet EvilEdit

Patti has raised Anna for sixteen years.

Sweet PerilEdit

Sweet ReckoningEdit


Patti was sweet and accepting of everyone (including Ginger, with whom she showed a very strong, motherly relationship with before she died).