Vital statistics
Position Servant of the Dukes (formerly)


Age 18
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Around 5'4
Weight Unknown
Marna is the daughter of the Duke of adultery and the twin sister of Ginger. Marna is very sweet and is good friends with Anna.



Marna was born to the duke of adultry and an unnamed human woman. She has a twin sister named Ginger. Marna began to work at the age of thirteen. However, after a year of training Marna was unable to see the demon spirits. So her father send the sons of Thamuz, the duke of murder, to remove any innocence she had left. They took turns raping and beating Marna. Everytime she cried or screamed they would beat her more. After that Marna was able to see the demon spirits.

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Sweet ReckoningEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Anna describes Marna as having a body that shouts salsa and tango; small waist between large and rounded breasts and hips. She is not much taller than Anna, with glossy brown hair cut in layers. She is identical to her sister Ginger.


Marna is very sweet, kind,and craves love.