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Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Kopano is the son of the duke of wrath. Originally from Malawi in Africa, he has moved to America to study at Harvard.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Kopano has skin as dark as coffee, short black waves of hair, and hazel eyes. He is also quite tall and burly.

Romantic Interest Edit

Zania Edit

They meet in Zania's native Saudi Arabia, and begin dating at some point after or during Sweet Reckoning. They have been married for five years at the beginning of the Epilogue in the same book, and they own an AIDS orphanage in Kopano's native Malawi.


We first meet Kopano in Sweet Evil when he runs after Anna after she jumped out of the car.He kissed Anna in a closet whilst on a mission to find allies which initially caused bad blood between him and Kaiden. In Sweet Reckoning he almost died after he was shot during the last battle yet was saved by his father, who left is body in order to heal his son.