Flynn was the son of the duke of greed. He was an MMA fighter known as "the Ghost" because he moved so fast his opponents never saw him coming.



Flynn was born to the duke of greed, Mammon, and an unnamed woman. Flynn's father is a big boxing fan and wanted Flynn to try fighting when he was just fourteen. Flynn learned fast and Mammon bragged about him to the other Dukes. When Flynn was nineteen, Shax, the Duke of Theft, bet Mammon that Flynn could not beat his boxer twenty-one year old son Erik. At the annual summit in Australia, both were forced to fight. During the fight, Flynn lost control and killed Erik.

On the 7th anniversary of Erik's death, Flynn drove to the rock quarry where they made him dump the body. In a photo of him, Flynn is shown full of remorse over Erik's death.

Sweet EvilEdit

At the summit in New York, he is the guard.

Sweet PerilEdit

Flynn becomes an ally of Anna. When his father discovers he was present in Zania's rescue, he is killed.

Physical AppearancesEdit

Flynn was a young man with short red hair and a slightly crooked nose. He had a wide mouth and an infectious grin. He had a wiry muscled build that boasted of strength. One of his teeth was an obvious shade whiter than the others.