Blake is the son of the duke of envy. He lives in a colossal beach house on the cliffs of Santa Barbara, has a garage full of ATVs and cars. He is a surfing, and Kaidan mentions he travels the world for competitions. His father, being the duke of envy, owns an island as well as a yacht. In Sweet Reckoning it's revealed he has both a pilot's license and a plane.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Blake has black hair that is bleached at the ends. He is part Filipino, with dark almond-shaped eyes and high cheekbones. He has an eyebrow piercing.

Romantic Interests Edit

Ginger Edit

It is implied that he and Ginger have had crushes on each other, possibly since they were little. In Sweet Reckoning, though Blake is engaged (as per his father's request), Ginger--ignoring the threat of the Dukes--goes to stay with Blake. Again, it is implied they have had sex.

Michelle Edit

He was once engaged to a woman named Michelle. She is the stereotypical "trophy wife," which is exactly why Blake proposed--to make everyone envious. He probably called off the engagement after he slept with Ginger.