Belial is the duke of substance abuse and the father of Anna Whitt.



Belial was an angel of light that lived in heaven. When Belial met Mariantha, they both immediantly "clicked" and fell in love. They both were inseparable. Meanwhile, an angel of high heigharchy, Lucifer, used his charisma to attract followers. Belial became intrigued on what Lucifer had to say and began to go to his meetings, against Mriantha's warnings. As Belial heard Lucifer, his feelings about everything changed. Lucifer gained a great mass of followers and convinced them that God was creating a new race (humans) that would have luxuries that the angels would never have and would use the angels as slaves for the new race. Belial eventually told Mariantha and she begged him not to fight but he did anyway. Lucifer and his followers lost and we're sent to hell. Once down there,  Belial realized Lucifer had deceived him and the others. Belial did not speak against Lucifer and his silence gained him respect. Time passed and he heard stories of earth and humanity. Belial with time elevated ranks in hell and heard about humans having guardian angels. He became obsessed with the possibility of seeing Mariantha again. His personality impressed Lucifer and in 1700 Belial was sent to earth and became duke. After many centuries, Belial was reunited with Mariantha. Mariantha's human was unconscious on a mattress and Mariantha was whispering in her ear. Belial took the girl and Mariantha, knowing what he was but not who he was, began trying to protect her human and then recognized Belial. They both took the girl to a hotel and desintoxicated her but her soul was too far gone. Knowing that if the girl died Mariantha would have to go back to heaven and never return, Mariantha descended into the girl's body. It took Mariantha time to recover. When she did, they were together again. However when Anna was born they were separated forever. After Mariantha left, Belial never polluted another soul again. For seventeen years Belial has been giving Lucifer false informs.

Sweet EvilEdit

At the beginning of Sweet Evil, Belial was present at Anna's birth. After Anna was born, Belial (under the name Jonathan LaGray) was arrested for drug crimes. Before he left he told Anna, "Just say no to drugs, will ya, kid?" Which was ironic due to the reasons he was being arrested for.

Sweet PerilEdit

Sweet ReckoningEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Belial is the only one of the dukes to have had only one child, Anna.
  • His aliases are Jonathan LaGray and John Gray.
  • He came to earth and became duke in 1700.